Ye’i D’evi

Hey Devi,


This song means a lot to me because of three main reasons. One it is a beautiful song, this song is about 500 years old, it is written in a dead language. It is a classic song, with a melodious classical Hindustani music accompanying a beautifully written poem.  This song is about how the poet saw the Goddess in the moonlight and fell in love with her at the first sight. Then he talks about how he found his salvation through his love for the Goddess. Secondly, this is the first song ever that my younger sister danced on the stage for. It was a classical ballad and she danced for the part of the Goddess, I had never been so proud of her in my entire life, the way she took in control of the entire audience by her spotless dancing. She also became a big hit after that song. Lastly but mainly this was sung to me as a lullaby by my grandmother, and as far as I remember this is the last song that she sang for me. Therefore it always had a very emotional value to me. She also told me that when great warrior went to war they used to sing this song to the Goddess and woo her to come to war with them. She was fierce beauty. She is said to have ten hands, to represent that when she offer you something she will offer ten folds of what you ask of her, but this also represent on to aware of the fact that she you come at you she will strangle the evil with all of her ten hands. Therefore when I hear this song, I always wondered whether my ancestors  sounded like me when they sang this song while doing the war rituals.

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