Unsettling of America by Wendell Berry

In Unsettling of America chapter two, Berry talks about how American has ‘contributed to some kind of destruction’ in certain ways. He talks about how big corporate like, the Exxon, General Motors, Tenneco, steel companies have strip mined for more than 180,000 acre. These actions cannot be individualized, as these corporate supplies the life blood of the national government’s funds. He goes further into the discussion, and points to the fact that every single citizen has contributed to the bigger picture in some way or the other, just that few contribute more that the other. He quotes “…..These are destruction of degree and of consciousness. Some people less destructive than others….”

This is one of my favorite quotes from Berry, because this might seem like a very common saying. However if one goes about reading the entire chapter, they would understand that everybody has a choice and we are constantly making decision to choose what we want consciously or unconsciously. We are making these choices without considering the consequences that would result in our choices. We are geared subconsciously towards making decision towards that are of convenience and not sustainability.

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